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Roman Road Network

The Roman Road network expanded beyond Hadrian’s Wall to aid military campaigns into Scotland and also trade networks with the various tribes in Caledonia. There is evidence to suggest that Trimontium was the hub of the Roman road network in Caledonia and the only Roman milestone found in Scotland, at Ingleston, shows the distance from Trimontium to that spot.

Dere street was the main Roman Road running north from Ebacorum (modern day York) and through Hadrian’s Wall and Trimontium, north towards Cramond and Inveresk at the Eastern end of the Antonine Wall. Parts of the A68 still follow this route today. Dere Street crossed Hadrian’s Wall at Corbridge and crossed the Tweed close to Trimontium.

Traces of Roman Roads have been found in places further north in Scotland, including under a car park in Stirling. This road follows a line from Doune to Falkirk before heading south towards Hadrian’s Wall. A network of roads also went up from Carlisle to the western end of the Antonine Wall, with further roads from Trimontium towards the west coast.

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Roman Road Network

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