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Trimontium Autumn Lecture Series 2018

Lectures will be held in the Corn Exchange, Melrose, commencing at 7.30 pm.  All lectures are free but please consider making a donation in support of our work

Our autumn 2018 lecture series has a metal theme as follows:

  • Thurs 11 Oct 7.30pm ‘Gold’ – Dr Alison Sheridan.  Dr Sheridan is the Principal Archaeological Research Curator at the National Museums of Scotland.  She was part of the curatorial team that created the Early People gallery in the National Museum of Scotland; was lead curator of the Millennium exhibition, Heaven and Hell – and Other Worlds of the Dead; and was co-curator of Amazing Amber. Alison collaborated with the Trimontium Trust on our New Light on Old Metal Symposium earlier this year.
  • Thurs 18 Oct 7.30pm ‘Silver: From Roman Bribes to Pictish Treasure’ – Dr Fraser Hunter.  Dr Hunter is Principal Curator of Prehistoric and Roman Archaeology at the National Museums of Scotland. His research work focuses around three key topics: understanding Iron Age decorative metalwork (“Celtic art”) in its European context; understanding the impact of the Roman world on the peoples of Scotland in its Empire-wide context; making the most of Iron Age material culture.  Dr Hunter is a significant contributor to the work of the Trimontium Trust and also collaborated with us on our New Light on Old Metal Symposium earlier this year.
    Thurs 25 Oct 7.30pm ‘Bronze? : Septimius Severus in Scotland’ – Dr Simon Elliot, University of Kent.  Simon Elliott is an archaeologist and historian specialising in Roman Britain and the Roman military. His PhD, at the University of Kent, focused on the presence of the latter in the south-east of Britain during the Roman occupation. He has an MA in War Studies from KCL and an MA in Archaeology from UCL. His first book, Sea Eagles of Empire: The Classis Britannica and the Battles for Britain, won the MHM Book of the Year award in 2017, the same year his second book, Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire, was published. His latest book is Septimius Severus in Scotland: the Northern Campaigns of the First Hammer of the Scots. He is a Trustee of the Council of British Archaeology, an Ambassador for Museum of London Archaeology and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent.

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