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We need your support to help us achieve our ambition and bring the story of the Romans in Scotland to current and future generations.

This is an important story that help us understand who we are today and that helped shape the culture and identity of the British Isles, Europe and beyond. Our Museum, is potentially at risk if modernisation of the building and interpretation do not take place: the displays and interpretation have not been upgraded since we opened twenty-five years ago.

We have launched a new fundraising campaign that will increase our sustainability through enhanced building facilities, increasing footfall, better income generation activity and increased support for volunteers. You can read more about this project under Our Future here

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The Bradford collection, whilst not at immediate risk, cannot be displayed or shared publicly until properly interpreted and conserved. The cultural elements represented by the museum are at danger of being degraded by lack of investment in modernisation and the promotion of the museum as a hub for Roman history in Scotland. Without further investment, we cannot reach our full potential and will be unable to grow and develop as an important presence in the community, locally, regionally and nationally. We will not be able to share the new knowledge the collection and the Bradford material bring, or provide engaging interpretation, access, participation and collection care to share and protect the heritage that we were established to promote.

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